If training on any walking tracks of the course please take care and give way to members of the general public. This is especially important if you are planning a run on any sections of the walking track near Labin and Rabac due to the tourists you are likely to encounter.


Much of the event course is through remote areas which provide a very different experience to going on a trail run near your home. For your own safety, when training on the event course, you need to be aware that you could be in danger if you got lost, especially in difficult weather conditions. You can easily end up a very long way off the course route in an area with no phone reception. So you should
• know how to navigate with a map and compass.
• use the GPX file downloaded onto your  GPS watch.
• You are carrying safety equipment similar to that from the race mandatory gear list plus enough food and water.
• There are no storms, big rainfall events, high winds, or total fire bans at the time of your run.
• You have told someone your plans including your intended route and expected return time.