For your safety, you must carry a set of mandatory gear at all times whilst in the event. The weather can change very quickly so be prepared for any conditions.

Item Description 50M BLUE GREEN
Mobile phone in working order with fully charged battery Mobile phone coverage over the course varies from excellent to non-existent at certain areas. If you need to buy a new phone or a pre-paid SIM card or borrow a phone, T-com is preferable as it works on approximately 90% of the course. YES YES YES
Whistle Any kind of whistle YES YES YES
Emergency Space Blanket Emergency Space Blanket YES YES YES
Basic First -aid kit Sterile gauze, adhesive bandages, bandages YES YES YES
Drinking cup There will be no drinking cups available at the aid stations YES YES YES
Water Bottles or Bladders, 1 Litre Capacity Water Bottles or Bladders with a capacity to carry 1 Litre of water YES YES YES
Head torch every torch is OK as long as the batteries are full YES


The following items are collected at race check-in

Item Description 50M BLUE GREEN
Race number (BIB) Must be worn on your front, over your belly or chest and be visible at all times (safety pins are also provided in your race pack). The race number must NOT be worn on your pants or leg. It must be worn as is, unfolded. A recommended method of securing your race number is to use a race belt which allows you to easily have your number visible over the top of your outermost item of clothing. You will need to provide your own race belt if you choose to do this. YES YES YES


Anti-chafe Body Glide / body lubricant
Cap or sun hat
Spare socks
More substantial first aid kit (sterile dressings, roll of strapping tape, blister care such as blister block patches, antiseptic wipes and any relevant personal medications).
Anti-chafe Body Glide / body lubricant

Why are you made to carry mandatory gear?


All runners in Valamar Trail need to have their mandatory gear checked before they can collect their race number. Your gear can be checked at Race Check-In immediately prior to collecting your race pack.

What happens if you don’t pass gear check at race check-in?

If you fail gear check at Race Check-In, you will need to find a replacement item from Sport Box store at The Event Expo before you can collect your race number. The Sport Box store will be open during the Race Check-In.

Does the gear get checked again during the race?

Yes, there will be random gear checks during the event and if you are missing any item you will not be allowed to continue until the item can be replaced. You will also receive a time penalty.